Sunday, February 24, 2019

Calling All Artists...

Are you searching for a location to share your artistic talent? Would you prefer a scenic location offering cooler temperatures and a relaxed atmosphere? Then Idyllwild Art in the Park might just be the event for you!

Held on five separate weekends during the summer months, IAP is an outdoor event held under the towering pines, cedars and oaks on Highway 243. It is centrally located, one short block from the center of the mountain community of Idyllwild, just 40 miles from Palm Desert via Highway 74.

Idyllwild Art in the Park is a “juried-show.”  All participants must first be approved by a jury committee.  Once accepted, they find themselves joining a group of establish artists selling a variety of items including ceramics, glass, jewelry, paintings and photographs, all original. (Please note: IAP is an art event only. Clothing, soaps, lotions, food, etc., are not sold and all artists must have a valid CA Seller’s Permit.)

Musical artistry is also on display at IAP.  Each day offers four hours of amazing tunes from a small stage that is able to accommodate one or two performers.  In addition, there is space in front of the stage for fans to bring chairs and stay for the day.

If you are an interested artist or musician, please go to: www.IdyllwildArtInThePark.comand click on the “Artists Application” tab where you can request an application/agreement. It will outline the requirements for applying and participating.  

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Art Alliance of Idyllwild

“Celebrating Art…Creating Community”

Art is a never-ending process.  The need to create is not limited to a season, month or time of day. Inspiration can wake you up in the dead of night or grab you while you are eating dinner.

It is because of this that the Art Alliance of Idyllwild exists.  

(Artwork by Donna Elliot) 

A nonprofit endeavor, the AAI is a volunteer-based organization formed many years ago to expand the opportunities for artists in Idyllwild and the surrounding areas. Bringing artists and non-artists together to share their experiences and ideas, providing seminars on techniques, mediums and marketing, and creating venues to exhibit and sell, are just a few of the many opportunities offered by the AAI. 

Workshops, demonstrations, gallery shows, judged competitions, mixers and art exhibitions also offer opportunities for artists, community members and visitors to come together and enjoy the talent and inspiration Idyllwild has to offer.

(Artwork by Jessica Schiffman) 

Their focus is not just on their membership but also the community at large. The AAI is the driving force behind the smARTs program that promotes art education through hands-on activities for students attending the local elementary school. Thousands of dollars are donated annually to community projects and organizations endeavoring to improve the quality of art and life in Idyllwild including homeschoolers art programs, Idyllwild Historical Society, Idyllwild Help Center, and the summer concert series. In addition, the AAI has organized fundraisers for others in need, such as the victims of the devastating Cranston Fire.

Idyllwild beautification is another important focus for the Art Alliance of Idyllwild. Imaginative hand painted deer sculptures are located throughout the area and a new Town Monument sign, commissioned by the AAI, was recently installed in the center of town.

(Wood carver David Roy) 

Headquartered in the Courtyard Gallery on Ridgeview Drive, the AAI gallery, open weekends, provides an excellent opportunity to view the work of the many talented members in one easily reached location. Additionally, they support other art enterprises including the Mountain Pottery Center and Idyllwild Art in the Park.

Membership in the AAI is not limited to those living nearby.  They encourage others from off the hill to join, enhancing the quality and allowing for a wider range of collaboration. Plus, many of those involved in the AAI are not artists. Musicians, business owners, visitors and those who just love art, are welcome to share in all the AAI has to offer. Membership information is available at

Although Idyllwild Art in the Park is not an AAI event, we are pleased to partner with them during functions such as the annual AAI Art Walk and Wine Tasting held on the second Saturday of October.  And, many of our participating IAP artists are members of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild. 

(Aaron DeMarco) 

(Miles Thomas)

While IAP focuses primarily on the warmer seasons in Idyllwild, the Art Alliance of Idyllwild is serving artists and our community twelve months a year, providing never-ending opportunities to feed creativity and inspiration.

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We are currently accepting applications for artists for 2019. We suggest submitting applications as soon as possible as all artists must be juried in for participation.
Applications can be requested through our website:
(Please do not ask for applications on this blogsite.)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Meet Teri Hudson

An artist until the end, ceramics artist Teri Hudson claims “I’ll be doing this ‘til I don’t breathe anymore!”

While we sincerely hope that her future holds many more breaths, her past has included many years of breathing new life into her skills as a pottery maker both in Hawaii and on the mainland.

It began in 1968 at Fort Ord in California.  Taking advantage of the classes and equipment offered on base, Teri began her clay career creating “lost wax casting” jewelry. A labor-intensive process in which the wax mold is “burned off” during firing, it results in each piece being unique.

But then, Teri is not opposed to labor-intensive. With each new process learned, she has tackled the challenges full-time.

1969 found Teri relocating to Hawaii where she found work in pottery shops. Whether it was coffee cups, platters, cornish game hen crocks, or other ceramic pieces, she continued to engage in new techniques and learn with every experience. It was working at production pottery for a steak house in Kono that she "learned (many of) the skills she uses today." 

Since moving to the Sky Valley California area in 2013, Teri has focused her attention on Raku, a type of pottery using a low-firing process. Raku ware is removed from the kiln when it's red hot, making it impossible to see the result until the piece has cooled. Her vases, mugs, plates, platters, and lidded jars are all one-of-a-kind, many embellished with Manzanita and natural wood from the desert. 

Teri is currently working on “grape plates,” coasters, wine coolers and dishes for IAP’s 2019 season. “What is a grape plate?’’ you ask. Well, you’ll just have to come to Idyllwild Art in the Park and find out! In the meantime, she continues to prove that “Artists never retire.” Keep breathing Teri!!


Can’t wait until May to see Teri’s work?  She will be participating in the Southwest Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Grounds, Indio, January 24-27. Along with over 240 artists, Teri will be located in space #643. April 27-28 will find Teri at the Art Walk San Diego in Little Italy. And, of course, Idyllwild Art in the Park resumes May 25-26!


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We are currently accepting applications for artists for 2019.  We suggest submitting applications as soon as possible as all artists must be juried in for participation.  Applications can be requested through our website  (Please do not ask for applications on the blogsite.)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy New Year!

The holidays have ended, the traveling is over, the diets have begun… and Idyllwild Art in the Park is gearing up for an exciting new year!  While our blog took a small hiatus so that we could celebrate with family and friends, our artists have been working overtime creating new and imaginative pieces not only for IAP but also the many events they attend during the IAP off-season.  Jim Viglione is a perfect example…

Originally from the east coast, Jim is a veteran, fluent in both Spanish and Korean and quite a jokester in English.  After successful ventures, including police dispatcher and furniture refinisher, he spent 23 years entertaining others as a tour guide. 
Moving to Pinyon Canyon in 1995, Jim began “playing with recycling natural plant material.”  He wrote, “My Yucca Art started out as simple hollowed out yuccas filled with dried grasses or flowers and became gifts to friends.  Over the years I kept embellishing them and friends kept telling me to take them to art fairs.  That's when I took a chance and applied to my very first art fair in Idyllwild.”  An Art Alliance of Idyllwild event, Jim sold out long before the end of the day.

He also made friends with Kim and Scott Finnell who introduced him to Idyllwild Art in the Park.
Six years later, he is still a good friend and delights visitors at each IAP with his unique whipple yucca art.

Jim jeeps into the high deserts above Palm Springs to dig up whipple yucca roots.  He hollows, polishes, etc., until he has created rough-hewn ollas in different shapes and sizes. Embellishing with hand-woven pine needles and other desert materials completes the process.

Jim’s work can currently be seen at the Desert Mountains Art Faire.  Located at the National Monument Visitors Center on Highway 74 in Palm Desert, CA, their next event is February 2, 2019, 9am-4pm. Plus  a space is reserved for his "Fallen Bounty" at each of the Idyllwild Art in the Park weekends beginning May 25th, 2019. Be sure to stop by Jim's booth to say "hola," yeoboseyo" or even just "hi!"

And don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all of our artists by checking the column on the right.  It lists upcoming events they are participating in both on and off the hill.

We are currently accepting applications for artists for 2019.  
We suggest submitting applications as soon as possible as all
artists must be juried in for participation.  Applications can be
 requested through our website
 (Please do not ask for applications on the blogsite.)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Upcoming Events

Although Idyllwild Art in the Park events only take place during the summer, our artists and musicians are actively pursuing their art all year long.  Many have their work in galleries, online or participate in other events or show venues.  It is our goal to inform you of as many of these events as possible so we have added a column to the lower right of this page.  It will have many of the up-coming events listed by date.  We will also post events on our Instagram and FaceBook pages.  And of course, you can learn about our events and our community at  Plus, from time-to-time we will blog about specific “happenings,” like now…

December 8th, IAP members Scott and Kim Finnell will be hosting a “Studio/Gallery Tour” at their home in Idyllwild.  Open to the public, it will feature Scott’s glass artwork as well as a tour of a working glass studio. Joining Scott will be seven other local IAP artists: Sandi Austin (hand-painted wine glasses and mosaic art); Jerry Baccaire (“dotilism” painting); Lisa Coffaro (glass jewelry, suncatchers, etc.); Donna Elliot (mixed media, digital art, etc.); Neil Jenkins (paintings and drawings); Julie Roy (fibers) and Art Tobias (ceramics).  We are hoping that this will become an annual event, featuring more artists and their studios.

We are also pleased to share an Art Alliance of Idyllwild special event on Thursday, December 6th.  A local organization made-up of artists and those that love art,AAI promotes art in our community while raising money for school art programs and other critical needs.  The Call of the Wyld evening will begin with live music and jam session. There will be a delicious buffet and the “Call of the Wyld 2018” CD will be on sale.  For more information, cost and reservations:

For a small community, Idyllwild offers an amazingly wide range of activities and performances.  Follow us by email (upper right hand corner) to stay informed of what Idyllwild has to offer. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Welcome to our Idyllwild Art in the Park Blog!

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to our new Idyllwild Art in the Park blog! 

We are so proud and thankful for our community and the artists that participate in Idyllwild Art in the Park that we want to share it with you year round!

IAP will not return to Hwy. 243 until May 2019.  In the meantime, we are always creating and changing. This blog will introduce you to new artists, new creations from our regulars, new opportunities to see our artists during the off-season and life (both old and new) in Idyllwild.  Biographies will also be posted to introduce you to the talented individuals who make IAP so special along with links to their websites, etc.

For this our first of many blogs, we would like to introduce you, through photos, to our amazingly beautiful community.  Enjoy the pictures but note… Idyllwild is even more spectacular in person!

We hope you’ll follow us on a regular basis and learn more about our events, artists and the beautiful mountain mecca we call home.  

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and if you can't wait until our next blog, please like us on Facebook, Instagram and check out our website  –K

Calling All Artists...

Are you searching for a location to share your artistic talent? Would you prefer a scenic location offering cooler temperatures and a relaxe...