Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Happy New Year!

The holidays have ended, the traveling is over, the diets have begun… and Idyllwild Art in the Park is gearing up for an exciting new year!  While our blog took a small hiatus so that we could celebrate with family and friends, our artists have been working overtime creating new and imaginative pieces not only for IAP but also the many events they attend during the IAP off-season.  Jim Viglione is a perfect example…

Originally from the east coast, Jim is a veteran, fluent in both Spanish and Korean and quite a jokester in English.  After successful ventures, including police dispatcher and furniture refinisher, he spent 23 years entertaining others as a tour guide. 
Moving to Pinyon Canyon in 1995, Jim began “playing with recycling natural plant material.”  He wrote, “My Yucca Art started out as simple hollowed out yuccas filled with dried grasses or flowers and became gifts to friends.  Over the years I kept embellishing them and friends kept telling me to take them to art fairs.  That's when I took a chance and applied to my very first art fair in Idyllwild.”  An Art Alliance of Idyllwild event, Jim sold out long before the end of the day.

He also made friends with Kim and Scott Finnell who introduced him to Idyllwild Art in the Park.
Six years later, he is still a good friend and delights visitors at each IAP with his unique whipple yucca art.

Jim jeeps into the high deserts above Palm Springs to dig up whipple yucca roots.  He hollows, polishes, etc., until he has created rough-hewn ollas in different shapes and sizes. Embellishing with hand-woven pine needles and other desert materials completes the process.

Jim’s work can currently be seen at the Desert Mountains Art Faire.  Located at the National Monument Visitors Center on Highway 74 in Palm Desert, CA, their next event is February 2, 2019, 9am-4pm. Plus  a space is reserved for his "Fallen Bounty" at each of the Idyllwild Art in the Park weekends beginning May 25th, 2019. Be sure to stop by Jim's booth to say "hola," yeoboseyo" or even just "hi!"

And don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all of our artists by checking the column on the right.  It lists upcoming events they are participating in both on and off the hill.

We are currently accepting applications for artists for 2019.  
We suggest submitting applications as soon as possible as all
artists must be juried in for participation.  Applications can be
 requested through our website
 (Please do not ask for applications on the blogsite.)

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